Desirable EP

by James Panthyr

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rob meehan Fabulous songs. All three tracks are great.
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released November 7, 2015

piano, keys, vocals, programming: Panthyr
drums, bass, guitars, programming: Joe Varela

Engineered by Joe Varela
Mixed by Panthyr and Joe
"Irrational" and "Desirable": Produced by Panthyr
"The Tower": produced by Panthyr and Joe



all rights reserved


James Panthyr Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: The Tower
So I let you see the unclean part of me
And I wonder what you'll do
Cause I hid it away all for you

And I feel it all coming down
My tower is falling down

Once, many years ago
I built a mass of stone
It was made tall and strong, and it stood so impressively
It was loved by many, though they couldn't see me

Off with my mask, off with my head
Looking down at my toes
Dangling off of this ledge
Apathetic about death, do i have what it takes?
Because nobody else in this world can save me
Track Name: Desirable
I spent half an hour today searching for perfection in my face
But it seemed there was none to be found
I was caught up thinking about all the guys i see in the airbrushed magazines
Is that what beauty is about?
Cause I don't want to be lacking in personality
and trying to fit into one single mold
I freed something deep in me, and now I'm starting to see
That all kinds of things are desirable

You got a pretty smile, you're desirable
I got a grungy style and I'm desirable
Trading perfect muscles and perfect bodies for empty souls
Is not desirable

I want to be functionally strong, not just another sheep playing along

All the lies that the culture is telling me
Are poisoning me faster than i can stop
And there is no antidote to be seen
Seems that being gym obsessed
And preoccupied with the size of my biceps
Is the only way to any intimacy
But you're the only one you have to please
Don't be a victim of a social disease
go deep to find the strength within your own self
Move beyond your suffering, try a little deep breathing
And the ice around your heart can begin to melt

Living and loving wild and free, that's the way we were supposed to be
My beauty they can't take away from me, that's the way I was supposed to be

Do you see me? I'm all I can be.

I'm enough for me.
Track Name: Irrational
By the waning moon, I left your bed
There was so much that we left unsaid
But you don't want to talk to me
Every time we get in close
You avert your eyes, and they lose their glow
You want to bring us out of the deep
Drink and smoke until you fall asleep

Well I don't want to live shut down
And I've waited too long to figure you out
I can't explain it, It's irrational but I love you
I want to trust you with my heart
And I don't want to let go

Maybe I got stuck on your potential
Instead of looking at what's right in front of me
The human fireball blowing in every direction
No kind of easy compromise I can foresee
But I don't want to give up now
Not when there's so much that we could figure out about the world
If you gave me a chance, and you didn't give up on me

Does it make sense to trust you with my heart?
Well I don't have any reason to believe you'd do anything good with it
Maybe you'd just move on to the next thing, just like that
Lots of new territory to discover
Lots of pretty boys, lots of different lovers
Lots of bigger, better things that you could do
I only wish you'd want to stay with me too
All alone in the middle of the woods
Just thought it would be nice to live just you and me